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Hello and Welcome... 

Who are we? We are a team of two tarot readers, collectors, and enthusiasts doing what we love.

Where are we? This shop is based in the US, but our first sister site is based in Thailand with an emphasis on importing international indie decks into Thailand. 

Our mission? Our main goal is to spread awareness about Asia-based indie decks and bring them to wider audiences. We would like to make them more accessible by importing them into the US. As our shop grows, our second mission is to include decks from more countries worldwide.


     It all started when I discovered Tarot and began learning and practicing it. The person who introduced me to Tarot was my uncle, who lives in Thailand, and eventually became my tutor. Once I got to learn more and more, I began to buy more Tarot decks, which eventually, turned from just a hobby to something I'm passionate about.
     Being from the US, I realized how fortunate I am for having access to so many beautiful Tarot decks. I met a lot of Tarot & Oracle enthusiasts back in Thailand and I wanted to share all of these decks with them. Not only that, I wanted find a way to support Indie deck creators by bringing their decks to Asian communities. This is how the first "Hermit Shop" (Thailand) came to be.
     Now that my shop in Thailand is established to a certain degree, my next goal is to do the opposite, which is, to bring decks by Thai creators (and other Asia-based creators) to the US. Decks by many Indie Asia-based creators do not get enough exposure outside of their home country and I feel that they should be more recognized. Therefore, this is how this shop came to be.
     We are always searching for new and interesting decks, so if we get the chance, we would like to expand our shop to include decks from other countries worldwide and not limit ourselves just to decks from Asia.
     We cannot thank you enough to the people who have supported us this far and the people who will support us in the future. Even though we are just a team of two, but we have a big mission ahead of us ... This part of the journey is just the beginning of something more magical.

- P & N - (The Hermit Team)

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