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Image of The Gentle Heart Tarot (2nd Edition)

The Gentle Heart Tarot (2nd Edition)

$50.00 USD

The Gentle Heart Tarot
By Vanessa Somuayina.

From the Creator:
"The Gentle Heart Tarot is simply here to support and bring to the surface the truths that you subconsciously are already aware of; making you fully conscious of your inner strength and resilience against adversity and self-doubt. Allow this deck to be a constant reminder of how beautiful your gentle heart is. The world is already aware of this truth; but are you?"

Deck details:
- 78 full-color cards
- Card size: 5” x 3”
- Matte card stock with rose gold edges
- Full-color Guidebook in English with rose gold edges
- Magnetic Box

*Authentic deck imported from Switzerland🇨🇭

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